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“We’re so badass you’ll shit yourself!” This article features The Browning… Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence, as well as members of Morbid Angel and The Rotted, comment on The Browning…


Earache Records Signs The Browning

Official press release:

Earache Records is proud to announce the signing of an eclectic, unique and extraordinarily talented band from Texas known as The Browning. In what could be described as nothing short of ‘adventurous,’ The Browning’s music takes influences from all across the metal spectrum and heavily fuses them EBM, hardstyle, trance and other areas of electronic music in a way that most metal acts would not dare attempt. The band pushes boundaries and pushes buttons. In short, when it comes to The Browning, put it best when they said “the soundtrack to the apocalypse has arrived.”

Consisting of members Jonny McBee (vocals/electronics, ex-As Blood Runs Black), Brian Cravey (guitars), Jesse Glidewell (bass) and Noah Robertson (drums), The Browning cannot wait to get started working on output for Earache Records. “I grew up listening to Earache bands like Decapitated, Carcass, and At The Gates,” says drummer, Noah Robertson. “It’s an honor to be on a roster with such extraordinary talent and to be backed by the knowledge and expertise Earache Records has to offer. We can’t wait to get out there and destroy! I hope the world is ready for The Browning!”

The Browning’s Earache Records debut will arrive in 2011.

Bring The Noise Interview

The Browning: “It Was Inevitable That Electronics Would Creep Into Metal.”

browningOnly a few years ago, the idea of bringing electronic sounds into extreme metal would have been seen as sacrilege. But recently there have been a glut of bands mixing electro and techno ideas into their sound, and US deathcore band The Browning’sdrummer Noah “Shark” Robertson is not exactly surprised:

“It was inevitable that electronics would creep into metal, simply because you cannot ignore the natural evolution of technology.  I mean, since the phonograph was invented back in the 1800s, we’ve seen a constant and relentless progression of recording technology and eventually electronic music and its incorporation into various genres, not just metal.  It just makes sense!

“Lately, the metal world has seen increasing numbers of artists incorporating various synths, keyboards, and programmed computer parts into their music and it was only a matter of time before a band like The Browning came along to show the extreme music world where metal and electronics could go.

“Jonny McBee, the vocalist and founder of the band, is truly a musical genius in my opinion when it comes to layering keyboard parts and programming synths into the music.  The techno and hardstyle compositions he creates are intended to be the main focal point of the band, and the other instruments merely provide a backbone for the electronics to stand on.  That’s not to say that the metal doesn’t stand on its own though as well.  People have called us everything from DeathTronica, ElectroDeath and CyberGrind to RaveCore, TechnoCore and TranceCore, but one thing remains certain – The Browning will be here for a long, long time and we will continue to push the envelope!”

Lampasas Dispatch Record

LHS graduate signs record deal

Noah Robertson, who hails from Lampasas, is a member of The Browning, which signed a deal with a recording company.Former Lampasas resident Noah “Shark” Robertson, 27, is the drummer in a band that has been signed recently to a record label.

Earache Records has signed The Browning, a Texas band, which takes its musical influences from metal and electronic bands.

In addition to Robertson, the band consists of Jonny McBee, vocals/ electronics; Brian Cravey, guitars; and Jesse Glidewell, bass.

“I grew up listening to Earache bands like Decapitated, Carcass and At the Gates, said Robertson. “It’s an honor to be on a roster with such extraordinary talent and to be backed by the knowledge and expertise Earache records has to offer. We can’t wait to get out there and destroy. I hope the world is ready for The Browning.”

The record’s debut will arrive in 2011.

Robertson, a 2001 Lampasas High School graduate, is the son of William T. and Lori Jacobsen. He resides in Dallas.

Noise Violation Interview

Interview with Noah “Shark” Robertson

The Browning need no introduction. This Metal/Electronica band from USA are storming the world with there unique sound. Fronted by ex As Blood Runs Black vocalist, Jonny Mcbee, the band have recently emerged all over everyone Itunes, and show know signs of slowing down. Chris recently caught up with Drummer, Noah Shark Robertson and here is what he had to say!

How did the band come about?

The Browning started as a laptop solo project. Jonny McBee started the project in high school then years later decided to turn it into a full band.

What inspires you guys to make the music you do as is it very different to everything else out there?

We are inspired by a lot of techno and European hardstyle artists! We are also huge fans of industrial metal acts like Rammstein, Fear Factory, and Mushroomhead.

The first album, Burn This World was a pretty big success, are you writing a new album, or whats next for the band?

We are currently working on a new album. We just added another guitar player to ensure another dimension in song writing. The new stuff is more complex and our sound is really evolving nicely!

A tour with Fear Factory has just been announced. What’s it like knowing you are going on a national tour with a band as big as Fear Factory are.

Hitting the road with Fear Factory is a dream come true! I grew up listening to them and it’s especially good for us because they are one of the pioneers in the industrial metal genre!

Can we expect any appearances in Australia in the near future?

We have plans to tour Europe soon and hopefully Australia is soon! We can’t wait to go over there!


MEElectronics Artist


Interview with

Badger mascots, Bigfoot in the van and Goat sacrifice – welcome to the world of The Browning’s drummer Noah ‘Shark’ Robertson…

Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Noah Robertson and I play the drums for The Browning.

Where are you?
Right now I’m in Dallas, Texas.

What will the next food that passes your lips be?
Hopefully Taco Bell, but we can only hope… more than likely it will be Ramen Noodles!

If we’re speaking to you, it may well be because you’ve got something to sell – tell us a little about it.
We currently have two EP’s for sale on iTunes, Standing On The Edge and Time Will Tell. We have a new full length album coming out on Earache Records in October 2011, entitled Burn This World. It will steal souls and melt faces…

What’s the best thing about being in your band?
The best thing about being in The Browning is having an opportunity to create music that appeals to a wide variety of music fans. Hardcore kids, metal heads, scene kids…they all like us!

And the worst?
The worst thing is how bad the van stinks during a tour. Might as well have Bigfoot riding shotgun…

Where would you most like to perform that you haven’t already been to?
We would absolutely love to hit up Europe sometime. From what I understand Electronic music goes over really well over there…it could be lots of fun!

What is your favourite venue to perform in in the whole world?
I really love playing Curtain Club and Trees in Dallas, Texas…but playing all the House of Blues venues is going to be insane coming up on our next tour.

Who or what first alerted you to the fact that you’d like to be a musician?
When I discovered Pantera that was it for me. I knew I wanted to play music for a living and try to take this as far as I could go…I had a chance to see them live once and the crowd were losing their minds and going insane. I wanted to be up there on stage experiencing that kind of raw energy from the fans!

Who would win in a fight between a badger and a baboon? Why?
I would say badger, but I am biased. It was my school mascot! The Lampasas Badgers! Badgers are vicious little creatures and they’ll tear your face off if they feel threatened.

Motley Crue or Nirvana?
I would have to say Motley Crue! They are just way more metal! Kurt went and took himself out, but The Crue is still kicking ass and taking names!

A genie grants you 24 hours as a member of another band – who do you join?
I would drum for Testament. I love that band and I just want the opportunity to play the song Low live with them. It’d be a dream come true!

Are Cds a dead medium for music delivery?
No way! We live in a digital age and CD sales have obviously declined, but I still think there is are a lot of people who still want the complete package. The artwork, the lyrics, etc. Labels have found really inventive ways to keep people interested as well, by including DVD’s and other bonus content. Always get the hard copy!

Any pre-show rituals you have to observe before going onstage?
Well we usually all stretch and hop around and get loose…Jonny (McBee, vocals) screams for a few minutes before going on stage. I usually warm up my hands and feet pretty good on some practice pads. Sometimes we sacrifice a goat and we all drink the blood and chant verses from the Book of the Dead.

What sort of music can you absolutely not abide?
Well I know a lot of people say this, but I really am into all kinds of music. I love classical, pop, rock, rap, electronic, pretty much everything…but one type of music I just can’t stand an ymore is usually this new breed of country music. It just sounds like bad alternative rock. It sucks.

Which of your songs would you like the cast of Glee to record?
Probably Standing On The Edge…that’d be a trip!

What one item of non-musical equipment can you not do without on tour?
Gameboy! Gotta catch ’em all!

Can you do a Hospital Corner?
Hell no! I sleep in a van down by the river…

Here’s one last chance to spruik your band/tour/album… What else should we know about it?
You should know that The Browning is going to revolutionize the way people look at mixing electronics and metal. Even your mom is going to purchase our new album Burn This World.

20 questions was brought to you by?
The letter B. And the number 47.